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                                  Company profile

                                  For production companies, It is an important survival goal that constantly striving to produce high quality, high performance products. Leading the majority of machinery processing enterprises out of traditional manufacturing industries is only oriented towards improving productivity at the same time, endeavor to reduce production cost.
                                  In the field of CNC mechanical processing, as the founder of Dalian Hengrui Precision Machinery Co., Ltd (HRJJ), when the enterprise founded at the beginning in 2002, she is an unwavering commitment to research and development of cutting tool technology. In the accumulation of tool production and management experience at the same time, would "create a professional supplier of cutting tool production" as the direction of enterprise development, "continued to provide customers with the perfect cutting tool products" as the enterprise survival philosophy.
                                  Today in 21st century, cutting technology is in constantly innovation and development. We provide to our many users, not just a single cutting tool products, but a set of machining technological solutions. How to improve production efficiency and how to increase the tool service life, in fact, are exactly what you need to solve. It can be said what problems you are facing is that we can deal with for you!  While reducing production costs for our customers, HRJJ like to share us with your perfect and meticulous cutting tool technical service.


                                  Dalian Hengrui Precision Machine Co., Ltd.   Address: Dalian Bay Road Development Zone No. 88 (double D port)

                                   Zip code 116600   Record No.: Liao ICP:54845484
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